Meridian Legacy Blog


**Wanted Meridian 559 Amplifier**

I have a customer who is hunting for a 559 power amp. If anyone has one that they are looking to sell please could you leave a comment below and we can contact you...


Fantastic G98AH On Sale

We have a lovely G98 on sale at the moment. looking for a new home. Fully serviced with a new power supply.


The Repair Queue

Updated: 03/06/19 Here is the Meridian Legacy repair queue. When your job number is in the top 2 spots we will be contacting you and you can bring your unit in. Job Number Unit...


Autumn Sale-500 series

We currently have an Autumn sale on some 500 series parts. So get some spares for your 500 series system. Until 1st Jan 2019.


*New* Make your own i80 Ipod Dock!

A fun little project for the DIYers. Just added to the shop some new/old stock i80 Ipod dock boards. Just build your own fancy wood case.  


Fathers day treat this weekend

It’s that time again!. The most important day of the year. Fathers Day!. Get your dad a treat or buy something for yourself. Your worth it. It’s not easy being a dad. Sale items...


Other Brands

I have just added an “Other Brands” section to the shop and will be putting a few bits in there. Just added Musical Fidelity X-ray 24-bit CD player for sale.