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I have had a few customers that have had problems checking out. I have just done an update so I hope this is fixed. If you are still having trouble could you put a reply on this post and maybe let me know what device, OS and browser you are using so I can investigate.

Best Wishes Chris

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  1. leca bernard says:

    I own a G68 XXV ( with 2 557 and 1 558)and i have a problem, once no sound random scratch in the loudspeakers and the sound level move slowly, at the first time in switch on /of many time it had worked correctly but the day after same problem and definitivly no worked.
    I have ad i think the same problem with a 568.2MM.
    Could you please in this way
    Thank you and best regards

    • Chris says:

      Hello Leca

      I would say one of the internal processor cards may have a problem. Can’t say for sure without looking at it.

  2. leca.bernard13 says:

    I own too a 568.2MM who have a problem, i flash the firmware and sometime it do the same thing that my g68, slow volume increase and it dont took type it came with dsp loudspeaker when i type analogic, sometimes it work sometime not work, this problem appear when i cut main with a remote without switching back power switch

    • Chris says:

      Leca, When you turn the power off at the back then back on again, what flashes on the 568 screen? does it say “Meridian 568” or “bad eprom”

  3. leca.bernard13 says:

    sometime bad eprom, sometime bad software and sometime Meridian 568, after this poor reliability i decided to change to a G68 and then have two item not working.

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