Great News! – Meridian Legacy is Repairing again

Meridian Repair Shop is back!. It really is our pleasure to announce that soon we are starting a limited repair service.

We will be running a queue system. If you would like to join the queue then please contact us using the website contact form and let us know what Meridian items you would like repairing. We will reply and let you know if we think it is possible to repair your unit. Then we will give you a job number and you can check out where you are in the queue by looking at the updated list on the website. When you are top of the queue it’s time to send your unit!.

So contact us today and get your repair top of the list!

Further terms and conditions will soon be displayed on our website.

Looking after your Meridian!

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2 Responses

  1. Colin Straw says:

    I believe you repaired my Meridian Delta Sigma 201 Pre Amp and 205 Amps some time ago. Having just set up the units again after a bit of a rest, one of the Mono block amps is not functioning. Are you able to repair this for me at some point please? (The working amp still sounds awesome by the way!) Regards
    Colin Straw

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