Meridian 207MK2 Full Recap & Service

What better way to kick off a return to repairs and upgrades than with my favourite CD Player the Meridian 207 MK2. The highly rated, award winning Cd player, control unit and pre-amp all in one product. Released in 1986!.

When this machine has had a full capacitor upgrade and is paired with the legendary Meridian M2 active speakers it makes in my opinion a breathtaking system.

There are other reasons to get your 207 serviced other than just improving the sound and returning it to factory fresh. Crucial Electronics chips inside the player are very sensitive. They require smooth and clean power supplies. Eventually dried out caps cause these hard to find chips to fail. So save this heartache and get your special piece of classic British Hi-Fi serviced.

If you would like to share your love of the 207 please leave a comment below!!

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