The Repair Queue

Updated: 03/06/19

Here is the Meridian Legacy repair queue. When your job number is in the top 2 spots we will be contacting you and you can bring your unit in.

Job Number
Unit Type
Job GO 588 power supply problems.
Currently have 1 free repair slot
Job AB 506 cd player (Skipping in first few tracks)
Job SWM2 Service & Upgrade

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13 Responses

  1. Barry Hughes says:

    Meridian RCP 201 Mk III
    Unable to adjust HL volume more than 5 regardless of input.
    Copy*Mode doesn’t work

  2. Barry Hughes says:

    Hello Chris, Thank you for responding.
    After pressing many combinations I have now managed to get it down to 1. It cannot get any lower.
    It does not default to HL 64 when switched off.
    Copy*Mode does nothing does not bring up “Unlock”
    Sometimes get HL 1
    Can manually select any input all at 1
    Can select System to “Copy”
    But manual volume change is not working.
    Is there any hope?

  3. Barry Hughes says:

    Hi Chris
    Yes please, if you would.
    Do you want me to send the whole machine or is the problem confined to the front panel
    or even the front PCB?

  4. Barry Hughes says:

    Hi Chris
    I will send the whole machine by Parcelforce. Are there any delivery instructions to give them, ie where to leave
    the parcel?

  5. Stephen Gardner says:

    Hi There Chris,

    It’s great to see the repairs side of your business open once more.

    I am one of the many M1 active speaker loyalists out there but sadly my pair haven’t worked for over a decade. I even purchased a second pair but they died soon after I got them as well. In the fullness of time I would certainly love to have both pairs repaired but I know many people will be seeking your services so I’m not looking to try and monopolize your time.

    I’d like to request a place in the repairs queue for my original pair of M1s to be fully serviced and in line with any possible recommendations you might have take advantage of any upgrades that you’d suggest. Even if you can’t make space for my M1s in your current wave of repair jobs I hope they’ll be space to fit them in at some point in the future.

    When last they were working all of the driver units (which I think are originals) were functional. I believe the only major issue leading them their demise was capacitor aging. I was going to attempt a DIY repair but I stopped myself before enthusiasm led to me making the situation worse. I have a 101-preamp that came with them which last time they were functional was working.

    Thank you for your time,


    PS. Apologies for adding a comment here but the Contact Us & Info page didn’t appear to have a contact form in it to fill in (I tried multiple browsers, no ad-blocking, multiple source machines.. I even registered an account just in case that was a requirement).

    • Chris says:

      Hello Stephen, Sorry about that. Had a problem with the form. It should all be sorted now. Please could you send me a message and we will get you added to the list.

      Cheers Chris

  6. Barry Hughes says:

    Hi Chris
    Awfully quiet here. Have you gone on Holiday/

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